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Door closers and openers installation services refer to a specialized service for installing devices that automatically open or close doors. Door opener or door closer installation should be done by the professional locksmiths of Protech as this is crucial to your property’s security.

These devices manage access to your property. Any misalignment or error in door opener or door closer installation can mean breaches in security and compromises in fire safety and energy consumption.

  • Door Closer Installation: Door closers are hydraulic or pneumatic devices that automatically closes doors after opening. They are especially important for fire safety, ensuring doors close to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. They also help maintain building security and indoor climate control by ensuring doors aren't accidentally left open. Professional door closer installation involves selecting the right closer for the door type and size, and then properly attaching and adjusting the closer to ensure the door operates smoothly and safely.
  • Door Openers: Automatic door openers or operators enable doors to open automatically, typically triggered by a button, motion sensor, or other controls. They are often found in commercial settings or in homes where accessibility is a concern. The installation of automatic door openers needs to be precise and compliant with local regulations, including those related to disability access. This involves careful positioning and calibration of the device to ensure reliable and safe operation.

Door opener and door closer installations need to adhere to the relevant Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements. We understand these requirements and ensures that your installation is compliant, safe, and effective.

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