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Master key systems are some of the best protection systems you can choose for your property. With over 25 years experience, we offer superior service and knowledge in the following areas:


What is a master key system?

A master key system is a key plan where selected keys can open a number of predefined doors. It's a convenient way of controlling access to your property or set of properties.

In a master key system, each lock in the system has its own unique key, and it can also be opened by a master key or a grand master key. So, for example, in your apartment building, each tenant can have a key that opens their own apartment and the main door, but your building manager has a master key that can open every apartment and the main door.

Why choose master key systems?

There are several reasons why master key systems might be your best choice:

  • Convenience: Master key systems allow property managers or owners to open all doors using a single key. Individual keys can be issued to users for access to specific doors or areas.
  • Controlled Access: Master key systems allow for graded access control. Different keys can be made to access different areas. This means that you can control who has access to what parts of the building.
  • Increased Security: These systems offer high security as they are often designed to be pick-resistant and protected against unauthorised key duplication.
  • Easy Management: A master key system simplifies key management. Instead of having a large number of keys for different doors, you only need one master key and a few sub-master keys.
  • Cost-Efficient: If a key is lost, only the lock that the key belongs to needs to be re-keyed, not every lock in the system.
  • Flexibility: Master key systems can be designed and organised to match the exact needs of your premises, allowing for a high degree of customisation.

EVVA Master Key Systems

EVVA has been a leading developer of mechanical and electronic access control systems, since 1919. Its EVVA master key systems are some of the most trusted systems in Australia. These are often used in commercial buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, schools, and other institutions, as they provide a balance of security and convenience.

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